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For the past few months I have been having a lot of pain in my right knee. Back in 1985, I was playing a game of tennis against my friend Brian. I had twisted that same knee during the game. After the game was over, my knee started to swell up. After a couple of days I had gone to the doctor, but he could not find any problem with my knee.

The knee has been giving me problems over the years, but I just put it out of my head. Last week, the pain came back so bad I went to see my doctor on Monday morning. I wound up waiting for about an hour because he was coming back from hospital rounds. While waiting, I had a chance to talk with a girl in the billing department. I wanted to ask her a bunch of questions about medicare supplemental insurance . I wanted to get her opinion on various companies that offer this sort of insurance. She was very candid about the subject. She explained to me why everybody should buy this sort of insurance. Should could not give me names, but she told me about some of the savings she had seen over the years. She told me about one person who would have had to pay close to $50,000 out of pocket. His supplemental insurance saved the day. By the time my doctor showed up, I decided that I was going to buy this type of insurance.

On the drive home, I called my wife on my cell phone. I told her that later in the day I was going to speak with our insurance agent. I explained to her the type of insurance that interested me. She agreed buying this type of insurance would be prudent.